3 Ways To Get Bigger Crowds At A Comedy Theater

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Unlike showing a movie, for example, a comedy show requires sizable crowds. If you have an up-and-coming comedy theater but are struggling to fill seats, there are plenty of things you can do to address the attendance problem head-on. Take a look below at just a handful of ways you can drive more people to the shows your comedy theater is hosting and create a name for your venue as the local comedy hot spot.  

Establish a Social Media Presence

There is nothing more effective at getting bigger crowds than simple word of mouth. Getting people talking about your event — and eventually showing up with their friends or family in tow — starts with having a significant social media presence. Have a designer draw up eye-catching digital posters, post fun photos and video clips from recent shows, and make sure to grow your network at every opportunity. This usually means getting outside of your comfort zone and doing some creative online cross-promotion with other local establishments. Once you have established a visible social media presence for your theater across multiple platforms, you can be confident that it has the kind of exposure it needs in order to succeed.

Focus on Branding

Every comedy venue that is looking to attract more people should consider how clear its branding really is. Some famous theaters can rely on their long history and reputation for showcasing the biggest acts, but these are the exception to the rule. Think about how you want your theater to be perceived: Is it a magnet for underground, off-kilter acts? Is it more of a mainstream setting that is the first choice for people who would not normally visit a comedy theater? Or perhaps you want it to be synonymous with themed nights and improv. Whatever the case, successful branding ultimately means that people know exactly what to expect when they step through your theater's doors, which is all the more reason for them to attend.

Create Promotions

A slew of constant and creative promotions is another key to getting consistently big crowds. For example, you could potentially offer a guest and a few of their friends free tickets to a show in their birthday month, or give a free round of drinks to parties over a certain number. Make sure that all of your promotions encourage guests to bring others, and target big groups most of all.


22 February 2023

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