3 Ways Theater Shows Find Inspiration From Classic Exploitation Films

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In the early to mid 1900s, the boom in the film industry led to many low-budget films known as exploitation films. The genre included a lot of low-budget productions, fun plots, and cult classics that people still love today. In a nod to the world of exploitation films, many small theater shows have adapted the same style to create fun and lively shows on a live stage.

When you purchase tickets to an event like The Cold Blooded Show, learn some of the ways the play will find inspiration from classic exploitation films.

1. Over-The-Top Acting & Costumes

Classic films often featured over-the-top acting and performances. This includes yells, screams, and over-dramatic reactions from other characters within the scene. The adaptation of the elements transitions well in the theater because the characters on stage often have to project loudly to the audience.

The over-dramatic acting often gets paired with loud costumes. Costumes may feature vibrant colors, classic designs, and some crazy patterns. The costumes often reflect the nature of the characters and create a unique display when on stage.

2. Monsters

One of the key elements of classic exploitation is the monster behind the story. The monsters in the film typically include some form of animal. For example, classic films have featured giant ants, huge spiders, and crazy birds. 

Just like classic films, the plays will use practical effects to showcase the design elements. The effects can include full-body costumes and vivid details so everyone in the theater can easily see. Some monster costume elements may also include detailed make-up effects to transform the face of a performer.

3. Comedy & Horror

Whether the scenes were intentional or not, classic films often featured a lot of comedy mixed in with scares. A stage play will often infuse a lot of tongue-in-cheek comedy to go with the horror elements. The comedy on stage could expand to include songs, self-aware one-liners, and a lot of visual gags to entertain audiences.

You could watch a classic exploitation film today and laugh at the scenes. A play will attempt to recreate the same sense of comedy so audiences remain entertained throughout the whole production.

Watch some of the classic films to know what to expect the next time you book tickets to a theater show that showcases inspiration from the classic films. The layers of content will keep you entertained and help provide even more to take in while you watch. 


5 August 2022

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