3 Benefits Of Dual Water Slide Rentals


When you host a party in the summer, one way to introduce water activities is through an inflatable rental. An inflatable water slides rental comes with many options. One of the design options you will come across is a dual-lane inflatable water slide. The design typically includes a climbing platform in the center with a slide on each side.

Check out some of the benefits when you consider an inflatable water slide rental with multiple lanes.

1. Racing Challenges

One way to increase the use of the water slide is to host a racing challenge. You could set up an obstacle course with the water slide as the main finale or just use the water slide on its own in a relay race. Assign racers to a particular side of the slide. In the race, they must climb to the top and be the first to reach the bottom to win.

As racers compete, you can come up with various challenges and ways to host different styles of competition. The extra lane really changes the way you host races and can increase competition.

2. Less Wait Times

If you have a larger party, you do not want people to constantly have to wait in line. The use of an inflatable dual water slide allows you to keep things moving. Everyone will easily get multiple turns as the line steadily moves. A dual-lane water slide can double the pace and prevent overcrowding in a single area.

You can easily manage the party without the need to constantly monitor the crowds on the inflatable. The larger sizes of dual water slide inflatables also mean the capacity is larger as well and the inflatable can handle more weight.

3. Dry Options

Many inflatable water slides include both wet and dry options. With a dry slide, party guests can speed down the slide and land on a soft surface without a huge puddle of water. When you rent a dual water slide, you can leave one side dry and one side wet. The dry side gives guests the opportunity to go down the slide without the need to get soaking wet.

The dry side option adds versatility to your rental and gives you the opportunity to set up the inflatable exactly how you see fit.

Plan ahead to help you find the best dual water slide inflatable rental for your party or gathering. The extra lane makes a big difference and can increase the fun you have at parties.


2 June 2022

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