Three Tricks To Try At A Trampoline Park

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When you visit an indoor trampoline park, you can have fun simply bouncing up and down on the many trampolines throughout the venue. It can also be fun to challenge yourself by attempting various tricks. Before you begin, you'll want to check the trampoline park's rules to ensure that the tricks you attempt are permitted. It's common for trampoline venues to prohibit certain tricks because of their danger, including backflips. Once you're aware of what tricks you can't do, it's time to think about the tricks that are allowed. Here are three tricks that can be fun to work on.

Front Flip 

While backflips aren't generally allowed at trampoline parks, you're often permitted to perform front flips. This may be a trick that you've never done in the past, but it can be a satisfying one to achieve. One of the keys to correctly performing a front flip is to choose a trampoline that is particularly bouncy. You'll need to get high in the air to be able to fully rotate your body, so look for a trampoline on which people are bouncing high. Once you complete your first front flip, subsequent tricks will feel a lot easier — and you'll have fun incorporating this trick into your bouncing routine.

Toe Touch

Another trick that you can perform at a trampoline park is to touch your toes. Doing so is a good test of your flexibility, and there are a few ways to perform this trick. One option is to bounce high in the air and swing your legs out in front of you so that your body has the shape of the letter "L." In this position, you can extend your arms and attempt to touch your toes. Another variation is to swing your legs out to the sides as though you're trying to do the splits, and attempt to touch your toes when your body is in this position.

360 Spin

Jumping and spinning 360 degrees can be another fun trick to try when you visit a trampoline park. You may wish to start by attempting to spin 180 degrees. Doing so tends to be easy, given how bouncy many of the park's trampolines are. Once you're comfortable rotating your body 180 degrees in the air, you can work your way up to 360 degrees. Over time, you may feel confident enough to try additional spins. If you get high enough in the air, 540 degrees and even 720 degrees may be possible. Visit a local indoor trampoline park to work on these and other tricks.

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25 March 2022

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