Creative Ways You Can Use Sparklers With Your Kids

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Sparklers are often used during the 4th of July and on New Year's Eve. If you have kids, your use of sparklers doesn't have to be limited to these occasions. There are several other creative ways to use sparklers and have a lot of fun.

Sparkler Safety

Children have been playing with sparklers for decades. It is possible to burn your hands with sparklers, though, and it is best to not have young children play with them. Keep water nearby so the sparklers can be tossed in the water to cool them off before disposing of them.

When your kids are handling sparklers, tell them to hold them at an arm's length. Make sure that they do not run with the sparklers or throw them. Always supervise your kids when they are handling sparklers. With some of these ideas, you can allow your kids to enjoy the sparklers at a distance.

Find Educational Opportunities to Use Sparklers

Sparklers can be used to teach kids lessons. Whenever something interesting is incorporated into a lesson, your child is more likely to remember it. For example, if you want to teach your kids their letters, you can play a game where they have to write out as many letters as possible before the sparkler burns out. Another option is to have your child recite capitals of states before the sparkler burns out.

Use Sparklers During Birthday Parties

A sparkler can be an alternative to a birthday candle. The sparkler is not blown out like a birthday cake but you can enjoy watching the sparklers as they burn out on their own and your child can have a birthday that is different from everyone else's. You may also be able to find a fireworks shop that sells sparklers that are in the shape of numbers.

You are able to use sparklers to create shapes. For example, during a birthday party, you could create lightning bolts with sparklers. This makes it easier to throw a birthday party that has a specific theme. Sparklers are the best late at night in summer when it's still warm enough outside to enjoy them.

Take Pictures with Sparklers

One fun activity is to have your kids write words with sparklers and take a picture. Make sure that your kids write the words backward so they are facing the right way in the picture. This can help a child master the alphabet if they are able to write a letter both forward and backward.


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