3 Ways To Enjoy Horror Vinyl Soundtracks During Halloween

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Horror vinyl is fun to listen to any time of the year, but they are especially fun during the Halloween season. However, your horror vinyl soundtracks can do more than provide simple listening pleasure when Halloween rolls around. Here are a few fun ways that you can enjoy your horror vinyl records during Halloween:

Create Some Custom Mini Movies

Why not use horror vinyl soundtracks to create custom Halloween movies that the family can watch on Halloween night together? All you have to do is play the horror albums in the background while you record scenes for your custom mini movies. Be creative and utilize things around your house to set up scary scenes. Everyone in your household can participate in the movie-making process. Here are some scene ideas to consider:

  • Record a line of carved pumpkins in front of your house at night while candles are burning inside of them.
  • Have the kids dress up in their costumes and perform short skits in front of the camera.
  • Film the Halloween decorations and displays in front of homes and businesses throughout your community.

If you cannot play your horror albums in the background while filming your movies, you can always record the music on a digital device when you are able to play it, then add the digital recordings to your movies when you edit them.

Enhance a Haunted House

If you plan to create a "haunted house" on your property for neighbors to enjoy on Halloween night, you can play your horror albums while the haunted house is open to make the atmosphere spookier for everyone involved. The eerie sounds of the record spinning will add depth to the ambiance and the music itself will create excitement. If your record player hooks up to speakers, consider setting the speakers up in two different areas of the haunted house to create a surround sound effect.

Utilize the Covers as Decoration

You can use the covers of your horror vinyl albums as decorations when it comes time to decorate for the Halloween season. Consider hanging them on a wall in your home or create little stands out of cardboard and set the covers up on the patio or on a table in the yard. Another option is to wrap long strips of ribbon around the album covers and hang the ribbon ends to from the ceiling. That way, the covers look like they are floating in the room.

It's important to have the right soundtrack when it comes to holidays like Halloween. To learn more, contact a company that provides things like horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections.


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