Some Comedy Styles That Are Used For Live Performances

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A theatrical event that uses humor to entertain guests can make for a fairly lighthearted first date that encourages you and your date to sit back, relax, and let laughter come naturally. If you are just getting to know the person, consider the following types of comedy to help you choose a show that is appealing to both of you.

Anecdotal Humor

Anecdotal humor uses partial or full truths to tell a story. Stand-up comedians may use this type of comic relief when performing live. Anecdotal humor may also be incorporated into a theatrical production that features a series of actors and several scenes.

With this type of humor, the comic style may be approved for all audiences or be a little bit brasher and meant for more mature audiences. Some anecdotal performances encourage audience members to participate. A performer may interact with participants, by asking them questions or by using visual or verbal cues as part of their punchline. 

Dark Humor

Dark humor focuses on a topic that one may normally consider disturbing, such as death, criminal acts, or violence. Humor is incorporated into a dark comedy production by having an actor or actress react in an awkward or comical manner to something that one would typically consider serious.

A dark comedy production may be appreciated by those with an open mind, who do not take life too seriously. A dark comedy performance should be appreciated solely for its entertainment value. Those who take offense to topics that are difficult to discuss or deal with in real life may not be as appreciative of a dark comedy show.

Blended Comedies

Blended comedies take two distinct genres and combine them. Humor can mix well with action, horror, mystery, or romance. This type of performance may involve a storyline that is detailed and supports many comedians who each have vocal parts in the production.

A blended comedy may incorporate dancing, singing, and music to create a specific aura that correlates to the storyline. People of varying ages may enjoy a blended comedy performance. If you decide upon attending a comedy theater that is going to incorporate comedy with another genre, find out what type of movies or shows that your date likes. This will help you pick out a show that will be sure to please them.

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23 August 2021

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