3 Home Automation Features Inspired By "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids"

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The Disney movie franchise known as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids features a lot of innovative special effects, but some of the coolest elements in the homes of the movie were the inventions created by the character Wayne Szalinski. The first movie was originally released in 1989 and features a lot of technology you can now implement into home automation.

Check out some of the features inspired directly from the movie series and how you can add those features to your home.

1. Automated Cleaning

In the original film, one of Wayne's inventions was a remote control lawnmower that could cut grass and was controlled with a remote. With home automation features, you can program and set up all kinds of cleaning devices. One of the more common options is a robotic vacuum similar in size and shape to the movie's lawnmower.

With a smart vacuum, you can use a home automation system to set up a schedule and assign the robot vacuum to clean rooms at specific times. You can assign all of the rooms in a single day or take on one room at a time.

2. Hands-Free Communication

Wayne Szalinski's inventions were always at the forefront of communication. He wore a hands-free headset and had cameras to see who was at the front door or other areas of the home. Through home automation technology, you can easily communicate and monitor your home.

A system may include doorbell cams to see who is at the house. Many home automation systems work through smart speakers and can give you easy voice controls. You can speak through other speakers in the home or use voice commands for tasks like shutting off lights and outlets.

3. Automated Schedules

The inventions featured in the movies often focused a lot on easily scheduled routines. With home automation, you can make your morning routine the same every day. Settings can open automatic blinds, turn on lights, and set smart speakers to your favorite audio options.

With advanced features, you could change the days and times of the schedules. For example, if you have the weekend off, you can set the time to a few hours ahead. With connections to your refrigerator, you could set reminders for specific groceries like eggs or milk.

Everyone's routine is different, but custom settings can make a big difference when you set up schedules through home automation software.

A little inspiration from a classic movie series can really transform the way you use your home on a daily basis. 


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