3 Types of Table You Can Rent for Your Wedding Ceremony


When you're planning your wedding, you likely expect that you'll need to rent some tables. For the reception, you'll need tables at which your guests will sit during the meal, as well as other tables that can hold food, gifts, and more. You shouldn't solely focus on the tables that you'll need for the reception, however. A handful of tables will come in handy at your ceremony, too. Visit a table rental company in your community to look at the available tables and choose some for your ceremony. You'll typically need tables for these roles.

Signing Table 

At many weddings, it's common for the newly married couple, the officiant, and some witnesses to sign a marriage certificate at some point during the ceremony. This exciting occasion often takes place at the front of the venue so that the assembled guests can watch it. You'll need to rent a table for this part of the ceremony. There are different ways that you can approach renting this table. Some people favor a small table at which one person can sit at a time, while others prefer a table that is large enough to accommodate the newly married couple. Consider which idea you favor, and then look for a suitable design.

Program Table

If you're going to be providing programs to your guests when they enter the venue, there are different ways of doing so. While some people assign members of the wedding party or other delegated attendees to hand out programs, others take a self-serve approach. If you favor the latter idea, you'll want a table on which you can place your programs. Typically, a long, thin table will work well for this usage because its large surface will allow you to spread out your programs so that numerous people can grab them at the same time.

Memorial Table

Some people want to honor the memory of their deceased loved ones who cannot attend the wedding. One way to do this is with a memorial table. This is a table that may feature a sign with the names of a few family members, as well as one or more family photos, and a candle. If a memorial area appeals to you, you'll want to look for the right table to rent. Consider what items you'll display, and then choose a table of an appropriate size. A small round or square table can work well in this application.


26 May 2021

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