Relearn to Create: Discovering Storytelling Workshops Near You

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Children create effortlessly. Imagination fills up every corner of their lives, from playing with toys to explaining things they don't understand. However, as children become teenagers, most of them tamp down the natural reflex to create. By the time they're adults, socialization and adulting pressures have locked away storytelling ability.

Storytelling ability is a must if you ever want to write that novel, create a brand identity for your customers, promote social justice and cultural diversity, or even have fun and meet new people. If these sound like your goals, then it's time to dive into some profound yet fun relearning.

The Public Speaking Problem

Almost everyone fears public speaking. Before going any farther, commit to overcoming or at least facing this fear. Storytelling workshops will make you speak publicly in front of strangers. Somehow, knowing that everyone else in the room fears the same thing makes it more tolerable.

Storytelling workshops will also deny you the ability to prepare your words. Improvisation is the key skill you had as a child that enabled you to create. All storytelling workshops function by helping you relearn improvisation through public speaking.

Finding Local Storytelling Workshops

  1. Start by googling "storytelling workshops" and include your city or state. Depending on where you live, this may or may not bear fruit. If you come up empty, try googling "community arts organizations." Then, shoot them an email or give them a call. 
  2. Also, via Google, check out "Improv classes." These classes, if you can find them, are a great way to develop the key skill involved in storytelling, improvisation. Plus, you'll learn about acting, and there are always lots of laughs.
  3. Lastly, check out the course offerings at your local university or community college. The theater departments at these places offer storytelling and improvisation classes as part of their curriculum.

The Online Option

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, live classes probably aren't a wise choice, if you can even find them. Luckily, online options abound. Some services offer both live and online storytelling workshops, in addition to corporate workshops that are perfect for your next business retreat. You could also find services that offer a digital storytelling webinar that's open for registration. Check the dates and availability on their websites. You could also look into educational resources. Resources like Coursera offers peer-reviewed curricula. They have several available options for storytelling courses.  

For more insight, contact companies that offer storytelling workshops.


2 February 2021

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