4 Ways To Easily Watch The Best Amazon TV Shows

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For years, Amazon has been strictly an online shopping website, but their Prime membership service also expanded to include original television shows and movies. Watching the best Amazon TV shows isn't like changing to a channel on the TV. You often need a device that can access your Amazon Prime account and stream the television content.

Follow our guide to learn the easiest ways to watch the best Amazon TV shows and consider all of your options.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon wants users to access TV shows and movies as easily as possible, and this is why they have created their own streaming device known as the Amazon Fire TV stick. Available in both HDMI and 4K HDMI modes, the Amazon Fire TV stick connects via Wi-Fi and includes the Prime Video channel.

Through Prime video, you can watch original TV shows along with other shows the service acquires on rotation. The Fire TV stick also gives users access to other streaming channel options.

2. Smart TV Apps

If you have a smart television, then you will have a large selection of apps you can stream from. Many televisions will feature the Prime Video app. Once installed, you can log into your Amazon account and have instant access to all the television shows.

Along with general smart televisions, Amazon sells its own version known as the Amazon Fire TV. The TV features Amazon Prime Video as one of the main options and can load instantly on the TV without the need to load up a separate app.

3. Portable Device Browsers

The Prime Video channel is also available on the go. The app download is available for many devices, but you can bypass the app and stream content directly from a web browser. When you go to Amazon's home page, you can follow links directly to the prime video section and stream footage directly from the browser.

Options include full-screen layouts so you can easily increase the size of the video.

4. Roku Streaming Platforms

Another streaming option for Amazon Prime Videos is a Roku streaming device. Roku devices include many streamers, including both HD and 4K options. The Prime Video app may come installed on the device or is easily found through the Roku menu. The Roku search allows you to find TV shows and see their pricing and available through Prime Video as well.

When you have multiple methods to watch Amazon TV shows on, you can access the shows and watch episodes anywhere.  


29 October 2020

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