A Video Game Vinyl Record Makes A Great Gift

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Do you have a gamer in your life that you need to find a gift for? Maybe there's a holiday or birthday coming up and you want to find them something special related to their favorite hobby? One possibility you might not have considered to this point would be video game soundtrack records. Here's why you might want to help your favorite gamer level up their music collection with a video game soundtrack on vinyl.

Vinyl May Sound Even Better Than What They Heard in the Game

Video game music sounds awesome, but has your favorite gamer really heard their favorite theme song in all its musical glory? The soundtracks to some older games might have compressed files in order to fit onto the small amount of memory provided on the cartridges used by retro gaming systems. Even if your gamer's favorite game is a modern classic, chances are they've never heard it on vinyl before. Vinyl offers rich sound and top-notch quality that is above and beyond the typical digital download.

A Vinyl Soundtrack Makes a Great Collectible for the Gamer Who Already Has Everything

Your friend or loved one is really into gaming, so much, in fact, that they already own just about every game under the sun. What do you get the gamer who already owns all of the games? Finding something collectible related to their favorite game is a good place to start. With that said, vinyl records are clearly making a comeback and are today seen as a premium and collectible item. Find out which game is your friend or loved one's favorite of all time and get them the soundtrack record to that game. It'll likely take up a place of honor in their growing video game memorabilia collection.

Vinyl Records Are an Especially Nice Touch for Fans of Retro Games

Is your gamer old school? Do they love the 8-bit classics from decades ago? Maybe they are into a video game that's even older than that? Well, it's quite likely then that getting this gamer a soundtrack on the type of media that was probably popular when that game first came out. Vinyl records are the perfect "retro" addition to a growing retro gaming collection.

If you have a a gamer in your life and you want to get them something that they'll appreciate, it's hard to go wrong with a video game vinyl record. Contact a local vinyl record supplier today for more information


22 September 2020

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