Open Your Students' Eyes To The Good Deeds That Celebrities Do

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The fancy mansions that famous people own and the trendy clothing that they wear often attract the attention of teenagers. If you would like your students to focus on the positive contributions that some notorious individuals have made to society, prepare a class project that delves into the lives of the rich and the famous and uncovers some selfless acts of kindness.

Acquire Some Publications

Purchase some magazines or books that focus on celebrity lifestyles. Look through the reading materials and select several articles that are reflective of an individual's compassion or aid toward others. A situation in which a celebrity donated funds to a good cause or a 'feel good' story about how someone reached out to their fans or participated in a rally or a benefit that aided the homeless would demonstrate the importance of using celebrity status and money to help others.

Make photocopies of each article that you would like to share with your pupils. During class, pass out the copies and keep one copy of each article so that you can read aloud from them or point out particular passages that pertain to the lesson that you are conducting.

Assign Group Projects

Group projects will get the children to open up about their opinions while they perform the task of elaborating on each positive thing that a person did. Create a list of questions that you would like the students to answer. The answers to these questions should be able to be found within the celebrity news articles. Some of the questions can be thought provoking or prompt personal perceptions. This will encourage the students to share their viewpoints, without assuming that they may give an answer that is going to be incorrect.

Instruct each group of students to focus on one of the celebrities and the article that is about this person. After the members of each group have completed the classwork, request that the groups present their answers to the entire class. Give each student enough time to speak. Finish up the presentation by reinforcing that even though many celebrities are living lavish lifestyles, they have worked hard to get to where they are in their lives and that many of these people are down to earth and worry about the same types of things as people who are not famous. It's important for students to understand that purpose of fame should not be selfishness, but selflessness.


21 December 2019

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