Buying Your Own Fireworks? Follow These Safety Tips

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If you are able to legally buy fireworks where you live, you may be tempted to buy some of your own for a celebration. However, your priority should be ensuring that everyone lighting fireworks and watching the display is safe. While legal consumer fireworks are safer than the ones you have purchased in the past, they are still dangerous to use. Here are some tips that will help ensure there are no injuries when using fireworks:

Buy Fireworks From Official Vendors

Fireworks may be legal to buy in your state, but you should still go through legal means to purchase them. This will help ensure that all fireworks that you purchase meets the safety regulations that have been created for your benefit. If you buy from a place that is not allowed to sell fireworks, you have no idea what you are actually purchasing until it is too late. 

Look For Warning labels

The federal laws require that all fireworks have proper safety warnings on them, as well as identify the name and address of the company making the fireworks. If you do not see this label, chances are that the fireworks have been made illegally and could be dangerous to use. It is worth contacting the police if you notice fireworks being sold without the proper warnings so that other people are not harmed when lighting them. 

Follow All Directions

There are aerial and fountain style fireworks that you can purchase, with each having different requirements for lighting them. You'll want to follow all warnings for how many feet away people must be for lighting them. You'll discover that fountain style fireworks allow spectators to be much closer to the fireworks since they do not fire very far off the ground. Aerial style fireworks require spectators to be located much farther back from the area where you are lighting the fireworks. Sitting further back is also better for viewing as well. 

Keep The Are Safe

Think about the area that you are lighting the fireworks and if it will be safe. Are there trees nearby? Is there debris that could light on fire? Is there dry brush in the area? Is anything hanging overhead that the fireworks could hit? Is there a stable surface that can be used to light the fireworks on a stable surface? You'll want the lighting area to be free and clear of anything that can cause problems. 


28 October 2019

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