Pros And Cons Of Sharing Your Escape Room Experience With Strangers

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When you book an escape room, you'll always see the number of people for which the room is recommended. This number is often six or eight participants. If you don't have a group as large as this number, it's possible that the escape room will pair you with other participants — for example, if you're a group of four that wants to play a room designed for eight people, you might be partnered with another group of four. Here are some pros and cons of sharing the escape room experience with strangers.

Pro: A Chance To Meet New People

Spending an evening battling an escape room is a fun way to spend time with friends, and it can also be fun to meet new people. While the strangers with whom your partner might not become your best friends, you might get along well with them — perhaps even to the point that you grab a few drinks together after your game in the escape room's bar. If you're the social type, this scenario is a fun way to meet new people.

Con: There May Be Cliques

One of the challenges that you can face when trying to defeat an escape room with a group of people you don't know is a clique-like environment. You might stick close to your friends, and the other group might stay away from you. This isn't a scenario that is conducive to defeating the room, given that everyone working together is usually needed. To avoid this dynamic, you'll have to introduce yourselves to each other promptly and commit to working together.

Pro: Different Perspectives Can Help

You may sometimes joke with your group of friends about how you all think somewhat alike. There can be positives to this dynamic, but it may be a challenge in an escape room. Defeating an escape room is best when people think in different ways, as many of the puzzles require different ways of thinking to defeat. Joining up with a group of people you don't know means that there may be a variety of perspectives present in the room, which can increase your probability of success.

Con: Not Having Your Voices Heard

If the other group in your escape room is filled with people who have assertive personalities, and your group is milder, you may feel as though you don't get to have your say. For example, if your groups have different perspectives on how to approach a clue, you may notice that the other group is constantly getting its way. You'll need to speak up a little more and attempt to take on a leadership role in order to try your methods.

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