Use An Ocean Theme To Decorate A Wedding Tent And Furnishings


An ocean-themed wedding reception will tie into the beach theme that you have designated for your wedding. Rent a canopy tent and furnishings and use aquatic decorations to adorn them.

Choose A Tent With Open Sides

A canopy tent that contains open sides will leave you enough room to display a couple fishing nets that have seashells attached to them. Purchase fisherman netting material, a couple packs of assorted shells, a glue gun, glue sticks, and twine. Use the glue to secure the shells across each net. Use pieces of twine to secure the shell-covered nets to the tent poles that are located next to each entryway.

Leave plenty of space so that your guests can enter and exit the tent without having one of the nets hinder them. If you would like to forego securing the nets to the edges of the tent, use the same decorations to adorn some of the tent's center poles. The nets can be wrapped around the poles and secured with fasteners or you can drape each net from two poles so that one of the shell-covered displays fills in the gap that is between each set of poles. 

Set Up A Dining Area

If the rental tent, chairs, and tables, are white (a common color for wedding tents and furnishings), add some blue decorations to your dining area. Blue and white is a combination that is often used to represent a sandy beach and the sea, and with the right lighting and some shimmery effects, your decorations will resemble an ocean wonderland.

Use the tables and chairs to create a dining area, along one side of the tent or underneath the skylight dome that is in the center of the tent. Tablecloths that contain deep blue satin runners can be used to cover the tables. Use glass bowls to create centerpieces for the dining area. Glue a strand of faux pearls around the top and bottom of each bowl. Use water that has blue food coloring added to it to fill the bowls.

Add some water beads to each display. The beads are solely for aesthetic purposes and will add some depth and texture to each centerpiece. Place artificial fish inside of each bowl. Set one bowl in the center of each rental table. When it is dark outside and you would like to draw attention to the displays, use strings of lights or LED lights to highlight portions of the tent and the center of each table. For more information, reach out to companies like Party People Rentals & Sales.


17 July 2019

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