Sometimes It's Hard Being A Girl!

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When you're shopping for pretty outfits and blingthose are times when being a girl is super fun, right? That time of the monththose few days only gals have, are just not as much fun, right? In fact, on those days, sometimes it's downright hard being a girl. On the other hand, for some girls, things might be so easy during the time that the days just slip by.

You already know that not all girls are so lucky, though. If your sister or a good friend has an especially hard time during her monthly cycle, maybe you are planning ways to help. If that's the case, from putting together a PMS survival kit to cheering her up in other special ways, here are some ideas that might help you.

A PMS Survival Kit - Whoever thought of PMS survival kits was a true genius! Or, maybe it was a girl who knew first hand that a PMS survival kit might save somebody's mind. You can buy pre-packaged PMS survival kits, and they are affordable and filled with just what a gal needs on those special days.

However, wouldn't it be fun to put your own PMS survival kit together to give your sister or your friend as a gift that's both thoughtful and useful. As you put together the PMS survival kit, consider what you'll put in it. Some ideas are over-the-counter pain pills, bags of herbal tea, a folding fan or a tiny battery-operated one, hard candies, chocolate candies, chapstick, a zip lock bag with extra pads or tampons in it, and a fun magazine. 

You can even add something humorous to the PMS survival kit. For example, if your sister or your friend is known to be a bit grouchy during those days of the month, make a little placard that reads something like, Sue is away for a few days. Please be patient with her substitute. That might be her favorite thing in the PMS bag.

Other Thoughtful Ideas - A phone call probably isn't the best idea, as your gal pal might be asleep. However, a text with words like, I promise this, too, shall pass or ​Hang in there, kiddo! would probably be well received.

Another idea is the offer of doing a chore for the recipient of your PMS survival kit. For example, if it's your sister's turn to do the dishes or empty the garbage, do that for her. If your friend missed class, give her the notes you took. 


10 July 2019

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