4 Tips To Making Your First Movie A Success

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If you enjoy movies, you may have always wanted to direct a movie of your own. Indie filmmakers are doing a lot of exciting projects nowadays, and you could be one of them. Here are four tips that will help you make your first movie a success:

1. Have a clear vision.

When you're the director of a film, your vision is the one that matters most. Everything the cast and crew does is an attempt to bring your vision to life. In order to direct effectively, you need to know exactly what you're trying to convey. Know your own material inside and out so you can give your cast and crew the kind of direction that will help them succeed.

2. Delegate the hiring process.

When it comes to hiring talent, you will probably want to take a hands-on approach. After all, they will be the face of your movie. However, when it comes to hiring behind-the-scenes crew members, such as cameramen and sound engineers, you may want to delegate those hires to someone else. Unless you have significant experience in the technical side of filmmaking, you probably won't know what makes someone a good or bad candidate. Find someone with expertise in these areas to conduct interviews and analyze possible applicants' portfolios for you.

3. Take advantage of film crew management software.

The success of a film depends on many different people. That means you're in charge of scheduling all of them. This can be a daunting task, especially if you're attempting to do it manually. Emailing the schedule to each person individually is setting yourself up for failure; it's too easy to let something fall through the cracks.

Let your computer assist you by investing in film crew management software. This will allow you to see everyone's schedule at a glance, so you can make adjustments if necessary. All changes are automatically updated by the system, and your crew can use an app to easily check your schedule. Take scheduling off your mind so you can spend your mental energy focusing on more important things, like directing your film.

4. Start each day with a plan.

Naturally, you need to pay each member of your cast and crew, which can quickly get expensive. The best way to keep costs low is by working as efficiently as possible. Never show up on set without a clear plan in mind for the day. Use your scheduling app to communicate the plan to others so everyone shows up for work ready to get started and knowing what the plan is.


31 May 2019

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