Essential AV Gear to Rent for a Bar Mitzvah

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With your son's bar mitzvah scheduled, you'll need to get busy preparing for this event in a number of ways. Should you be planning to hold this important gathering in your home, it's likely that you'll want to rent a number of things to help the event go smoothly. Tables and chairs, as well as decorations, can all be useful, but don't overlook a number of pieces of audio and video gear that will augment the caliber of the ceremony for everyone involved. Contact a local AV rental service to explain your needs and discuss the gear that you'll want to use. Here are some examples of gear that will be essential.

PA System

While you won't need a large PA system like the one you might use an in an auditorium, a small PA system will be valuable for the bar mitzvah. This is especially true if you have a large home and there will be a number of people in attendance. A large crowd means that many people will be a considerable distance from those who are speaking, and if these people are older, they may struggle to hear. A PA system, consisting of a set of speakers and a microphone, will make it easy for everyone at this special gathering to hear.

Video Projector

At the bar mitzvah, you might have plans to show some video clips or a series of images of your child at various stages of his life. The best way to do so is by projecting the videos and photos onto a large wall or a screen—for that, you'll need a video projector. This is a superior alternative to using a laptop computer, for example, as the laptop's screen size will make it difficult for more than just a handful of people to see at the same time. You can assess the room and set up the projector where it can play onto a large, white wall for everyone to see with ease.

Video Camera

The importance of this event means that you'll likely want to document it, and you can do better than trying to record it with your smartphone. Rent a video camera from the AV rental service, as well as a tripod and an external microphone. Before the bar mitzvah begins, you can set these devices up in the right area—namely, close to the front of the room and aimed at where the people will be speaking—so that you can capture this critical day in the life of your child.


4 February 2019

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