Movie Set Magic: Making It Possible

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Even with a good script and talented actors, your independent movie can't get off the ground unless you've got site equipment. You may be focused on creative aspects of your work, but you'll need hardware and machines to make the movie look professional. Which film equipment will make move magic?

Portable Generators

From the lights to the camera batteries to the computers that you'll use for watching dailies, your equipment will need some power source. This is more critical when filming outdoor scenes where there aren't outlets. Generators are the solution, as they keep all equipment humming. It's especially wise to only use portable generators that can be used in a variety of sets and situations. 

Your small film budget might not yet provide for stationary, massive generators. Instead, movie generator rentals are possible. Rent more than your expected needs dictate; you will be happier if you don't have to stop production to get additional generators you should have gotten before filming started.

Scissor Lifts

If your script calls for a concert or panoramic and birds-eye views, you'll need scissor lifts. These platforms virtually stretch into the atmosphere and camera operators can ride on them to get the shots your script requires. Make time for training personnel regarding safety; protective helmets and harnesses are critical.

Lighting Kits

Three-point setups are generally considered the industry standard for film lighting. By lighting actors with a light in the front, a light in back and a fill light for shadows, the three-point arrangement has been used to help actors stand apart from flat backgrounds That means you'll need at least three separate lights for each scene, perhaps more depending on how many people you'll be lighting for close-ups.

Of course, you might hope to rely on "golden" hour and other natural light throughout the shoot. If so, you'll likely require accessories like foam bounce boards to ensure that the light appears as soft and natural as you hope.


Thankless equipment like tarps are essential. Being able to cover other machines and equipment is vital so you can protect them from dust, moisture, spills and other site mishaps. You'll always have uses for them, so as with some other movie set materials, you may keep more on set than immediately needed.

Make movie magic with this equipment. Visit vendors who only cater to filmmaking professionals so the advice and machine recommendations you receive are sound. Contact a service, like SAS Rentals, for more help.


18 September 2018

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