Tips To Ensure A Positive Experience Working With Your Wedding DJ

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When planning a wedding, there are a number of important details to take care of. One of the details that deserves very careful consideration is the wedding DJ that you hire. Wedding DJs play an important role in ensuring that you and your guests have a wonderful time dancing and celebrating your marriage. Use the following tips to create a positive experience working with your wedding DJ:

Carefully Review Your Contract

One of the best things you can do when you hire a wedding DJ is to carefully review your vendor contract. Make sure you know when the DJ will arrive and when he or she will leave, how much you are being charged, and what equipment the DJ is providing. Reviewing the contract will help ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises in the days leading up to your wedding. 

Outline Your Expectations

Wedding DJs work hard to tailor their services to meet the expectations of the couple getting married. One of the best things that you can do is be clear and upfront about what you expect, things you do want, and things that you don't want. It is also important to provide your DJ with a schedule so he or she can be prepared and ready for each moment of your wedding reception.

Provide Your Playlist in Advance

Music plays an essential part in many parts of a wedding ceremony and wedding reception. To help ensure that you are completely satisfied with your wedding DJs service, you need to make sure that you present a play list of all the specific music you want played during the ceremony and reception as far in advance as possible. This will give your DJ enough time to make sure that all of your selections are available on your system. 

Your playlist should include things like the ceremony processional music, ceremony recessional music, entrance to reception, first dance, dances with parents, and music that you would like to have played while dinner is being served. 

Take a Stance on Requests

Some couples enjoy having their guests be able to request songs during the reception, while others prefer that the DJ does not accept requests. Make sure that your DJ knows how you feel about taking song requests. If you do decide to allow requests, give your DJ a list of songs that you absolutely do not want played so he or she is aware in the event that a request for a song you do not like is made.


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