How An Escape Room Helps Your Employees With Team Building

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If you're looking for a way to evaluate your employees' skills in a way that's fun for everyone, you should think about booking an escape room. A team building escape rooms experience drives home the importance of working as a team, and it helps each employee recognize traits and skills in others that they have missed. Here's how an escape room works:

The Escape Room Has A Theme And Story

An escape room comes with a story and themed furnishings in the room so the players are totally immersed in the game. The setting might be a museum, bank vault, or restaurant. The problem is that your employees are trapped in the room and they have to uncover clues to find the key that lets them out before a disaster happens. The disaster might be something as simple as an alarm blaring or it could be as quirky as zombies attacking. Different theme rooms are usually available and some operators can even set up an escape room in your own office building.

Your Employees Have To Work Together

With time on the clock ticking down, there is a lot of pressure to get out of the room fast. It can only be done if everyone works together. The room might be set up so you can observe your employees. This lets you see who the natural leaders are and who comes up with novel ideas. You'll also see how well the employees work as a group since a group with no leader is more likely to get eaten by the zombies than a group with someone that takes charge and directs the hunt for clues. Getting out of an escape room isn't easy unless your group is exceptional at working together. However, getting out isn't the ultimate goal of the exercise. Learning skills to help your employees work as a team is the main purpose of the escape room, although it is a lot of fun too.

The Game Is Evaluated Afterward

You and your employees can learn a lot about each other from the escape room exercise. The learning is enhanced by holding a talk session after the game so everyone can discuss what happened. You can point out where communication failures led to delays that allowed the zombies to get in, or you can give examples of how good leadership got the group working together. The evaluation is not meant to be a reprimand, it simply allows your employees to understand how their actions affected the group and the outcome while the details are fresh in their minds. Your employees will probably think the escape room was great fun and they'll look forward to a chance to escape from another room with a different setting and story.


19 October 2017

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