Plan A Banquet And Award Ceremony That Will Honor The Caregivers At The Daycare Facility That You Run

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If you run a daycare facility and are hosting a banquet and award ceremony in honor of each employee's hard work and dedication to the children who are placed in their care each day, plan an event that will allow your staff members to let their hair down and enjoy the company of one another. The tips below will help you add activities to the event that will help it be a success.

Catered Meal And Open Bar

Hire a catering business to prepare food items and display them on a buffet table inside of the venue that the event is taking place at so that your employees can fill their own plates. Choose food items that are favored by a wide range of cultures to increase the chance that your guests will find items that they are fond of.

After dinner is served, welcome your staff members to the extravaganza and inform them that they can order drinks at the bar and that you will be picking up the tab. This kind gesture will allow employees to indulge in more cocktails than they may have normally chosen and may encourage some of your guests to try mixed drinks that are unfamiliar to them. 

DJ And Dance Contest

Reserve a disc jockey from a DJ entertainment company for the occasion and provide them with a list of songs that you would like to hear or several types of music that you think your employees would enjoy. Since you will want the social gathering to have an upbeat aura, request music that is trendy, has a fast tempo, or that contains a lot of unique instruments that stand out. In between sipping beverages from the bar, your workforce can get on the dance floor and sway to the music that is playing.

To lighten up everyone's mood, offer a dance contest for employees to participate in. Ask the disc jockey to help you pick a winner and have the dj use a microphone to announce the name of the person they chose.

Pampering Products In Gift Baskets

Create gift baskets prior to the award ceremony by filling straw or plastic baskets with an array of pampering products, including foot cream, body butter, clay masks, and scented oil. Add a gift certificate that can be redeemed at a local spa to each basket.

Prepare the awards that you would like to hand out to your employees. Either paper certificates or plaques can be used and your employees names can be written or engraved on the awards. Near the end of the social gathering, stand in front of your workers and announce each person's name. Hand a basket and award to everyone who has attended the event.


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