Three Absolute Must-Haves When Doing A School-Wide Variety Show

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Any old school assembly show features this or that act; kids singing, kids performing a play, etc.. It is the same-old, same-old ever year, right? Why not do something really different this year, and with students who actually want to be in the show? A variety show is an excellent choice to showcase budding performance talent of all types. Here are three absolute must-have acts to qualify your show as a variety show.

Something Funny

Variety shows always offer something to make people laugh. They love the comedy stuff, and the funnier it is, the more entertaining the show overall. You can warm up the crowd with comedy or send them home laughing; it is your choice.

Funny acts include:

  • Kids who tell really good jokes
  • Ventriloquists
  • Prop comics
  • Stand-up comedians/comediennes
  • Comic teams (think Laurel & Hardy or The Three Stooges)
  • Anybody else that does a funny and unique skit

If you are short on students who do funny well, open the stage up to the teachers and staff, too.

Something Musical

There is always a musical act in a variety show. Either it is a dance, a song, or an instrument being played expertly. In a school, there is bound to be a dancer, a musician, and/or a singer. You could even do a musical excerpt from a popular Broadway musical. It works.

Something Acrobatic or Daring

Something acrobatic does not mean a high-story dive. It usually means juggling, or juggling while riding a unicycle, or something right out of Cirque du Soleil. If you have talented older students who can do something really daring, and you have the parents' permission, you should use that. Daring and exciting almost always beats out acrobatic, but the two can cross paths, too.

Once Your Acts Are Assembled

After the auditions, you should have a nice arrangement of acts assembled together. An hour is acceptable, although a half-hour is okay too if you are a small school. Decide in what order the acts will be presented, and then make sure all of the performers have practiced and attended a dress rehearsal so that the show runs smoothly.

It also works out best if your performers leave their costumes and props or equipment on stage and behind the scenes. This way, they cannot forget anything right before performance time. Everything they need is at-the-ready, and they should be ready to go on stage and have a good time. Contact an assembly entertainment company, like Scheer Genius, for help.


21 September 2017

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